Digital and analog depth gauges for very accurate measuring of hole depth up to .500" in holes .008" - .700" dia. Used for checking drill depth in the manufacturing of circuit boards
and many other applications. Standard pins .008" - .026". Other sizes available upon request.

The digital gauge has an RS232 port for downloading data to SPC computer programs.
Depth Gauges
Digital Depth Gauge
$525.00 Ea.
Plus Shipping
Analog Depth Gauge
$350.00 Ea.
Plus Shipping
Depth control is an intricate part of the drilling process. When aspect ratios are pushed to the limit, depth penetration becomes extremely critical. If not maintained properly, tool costs will skyrocket along with drilled scrap. Checking the depth penetration on a scheduled basis is highly important. 


Depth Gauge Pin
$60.00 Ea.
Plus Shipping
CPSI pins are made from   solid stainless steel         blanks. This is a critical feature when diameters reach .008".
      Pin Dia.     Pin Length

  Sizes Available


.008"           .080"
.010"           .080"
.015"           .130"
.020"           .180"
.025"           .400"
.025"           .440"
.026"           .550"
.030"           .400"

Other diameters and lengths are available
upon request.
                               Window Base Side and Bottom
We utilize a patent pending base with a convenient viewing window that was created specifically for the operators ease of use. This feature also dramatically reduces the occurrence of broken pins.
The following diagram illustrates the problems that can be encountered when drill depth is not controlled. When the depth is excessive, the drill flute cannot effectively remove the debris. This condition will more than likely cause breakage of the tool. If the tool does not break, the hole quality will suffer due to excessive heat buildup. The rule of thumb is to maintain a minimum above stack clearance of 2 times the diameter of the tool. The depth into the backup should be maintained at 1 times the diameter of the tool up to 0.035".>0.035" diameter tools should maintain a depth of 0.35".

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The Analog gauge shown above is fitted with a black delrin protective cap.
The cap will prevent damage
to the delicate pin which protrudes from the bottom of the gauge as seen on the digital unit to the left.